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    I got invited to train for the NFL combine at the best facility in the country, Brandon Marshall's House of Athlete! I also ran into NFL coach Hue Jackson in the process!
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    1. Deestroying

      Since the NFL combine isn’t officially happening. The House Of Athlete facility is gonna host their own where many NFL scouts will be at and your boy gets to be a part of it! Thank y’all for all the love and support. We gotta lock in for March 🔐

      1. Matthew Clark

        Brown made the super bowl what did you make loser

      2. Mathias James

        Bro deestorying you need to get flight on the field can't stand his videos when he says he the best at football deestorying get this man on the field 😂 @deestortying

      3. Gque

        Damn bro I hope you get a gig man ... Work your ass bro and show them why you deserve to be in the NFL ...

      4. Derrick Walker

        U better not be catching no pass at that combine

      5. Martez Hill

        Somebody bless the cash app hustling for $2k so I can get a new whip. $Liltez19.

    2. KingVon ScorpionJones

      Deestroying is a dawg on the field and a great guy off the field!

    3. Coby NGL

      Bro ima say this not for a like or nothing but I just want u to no I been supporting u since your 3 ever video that just amazes me. I literally watch you grow that just is insane to me. Good luck Brodie

    4. Justin Carrington

      Lmao soon as I saw To Be Continued I said "Aww you a bitch"

    5. Yanis Agodor

      Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17);

    6. Barry Benson

      Is that Tequesta

    7. Michael Hujet

      Brandon Marshall is a massive human being.

    8. solvere captcha

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    9. Shawn Coleman

      A Smart Coach should put you on the roster! I've seen the sustained talent in kicking..... and how much fun will it be to put that kind of Athlete on the Fake Kick!

    10. Braxton Gonzales

      You’re going to make it and we all know

    11. Sean C

      Hey bro congrats I truly hope you get a spot on a team. I also love how BM is helping ya out.. that's what it's all about . If the world had more people doing this instead of putting their knees on helpless people's necks the 🌎 would be a amazing place

    12. Stephen Spencer

      PLEASE come to the Browns. Just don't bring Hue Jackson with you when you do.

    13. The Ramen Clan

      2:11 but is he as good as Adam Sandler

    14. on the come up

      Who here after I AM ATHLETE

    15. scott frederick

      Let's go glacier boys

    16. Micah Lee

      I feel like you have a body of a WR tho?

    17. Various Layerz


    18. Various Layerz


    19. for honor pvp

      If you get in im calling it here

    20. solvere captcha

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    21. Dreadpuppy_RocketLeague

      This guy has a great attitude, is an incredible athlete, showed he has the mentality of a fighter that will never give up and no pro team is picking him up??? That's just ridiculous. I hope you get the (real) chance to make it into a team and show what you got soon.

      1. Itsda Memes25

        No pro team has picked him up bc they saw what happened to him at the college. They’re scared he is gonna pick KGup over the NFL and sue them.

    22. Jarlani Bilbro

      How can I get on yo team in the fcf league

    23. Konrad Gajewski

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    24. Bomb v Skies

      Ha... hue jackson

    25. Chris Ancrum

      Deestroying your freaking leg so powerful bro. I notice you don't even have to drop that leg back half as far as other kickers, but your power is crazy bro! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    26. Nainoa Wilson

      Are you coming out with more merch that won't get taken down

    27. James Majesty

      LETS GOOOO!!!

    28. ItachisGenjutsu

      please get a 4.20

    29. YaBoi Will

      good luck bro you finna make it to the NFL i know it! Stay Ten Toes down g

    30. Spencer Mcconnell

      Mmmmm cringe why’d u say antiheroes day another dollar cmon your better than that

    31. DryAssChicken

      Don't know if Deestroying is small or Marshall is big af lmfao

    32. Donavan Mills

      Hey deestroying I’m a big fan and I’m trynna get better for high school football and I’m trynna get mercy but it says you guys aren’t open and that it’s forbidden can you help me

    33. YoungOnYt

      All this time and I thought I was subbed and I wasn’t😑

    34. EcoFusion Pest Control

      Man when u go to the nfl you better not forget about us youtubers

    35. Jerry West


    36. William Berry

      You too scared to one V1 me come to Cedar Park Texas come to Cedar Park TX at Vista Ridge

    37. XxsnottytissuexX Oo

      what position does he play

    38. Austin Rapoza

      Honestly Deestroying is leaving the dream! Traveling around the country and inspiring others and getting to meet these NFL stars! Make the NFL man continue to inspire!

    39. X7aaron

      What the song he used for the cynamatics

    40. Zora Plays

      Bro chiefs need you man. I’m from kc this punter gotta go dog

    41. John Latham


    42. Terry Williams

      You gonna get drafted, I'm praying you do.

    43. Cole Aspect

      I hope to see you make it in the league !

    44. Swailly

      That tree has played more football than most people.. LOL

    45. Kou Yang

      Imagine a kicker who can actually run routes and catch on fg fakes. Change the game!!!

    46. warpaul644

      Who knows the song name at the beginning 😅?

    47. Stop Calin

      God bless all God is coming be ready God loves all he’s coming to get us everybody needs to be ready for him to come back stop listening to uzi or playboi carti because that is not music of GOD Spread the love and the word of GOD,GOD bless all🙏🏽❤️

    48. T J A Y

      Bro you’ve been through a tough road don’t care what they say you always a mvp for us and more than just a kicker you’re a star 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    49. Vincent Gatlin Jr

      They better let you in bro your too talented to not be on a pro team

    50. Andres Gutierrez

      Dee you could go to the league and really be utilized in special teams for any teams. They always lookin for special teams players and you really are so versatile bruh keep grinding you got this!!

    51. Dr. Stone

      Trust in Jesus Christ✝️🙏. Jesus is the only way to be saved.

    52. Austin Whitt

      Hey bro can you give me any tips on kicking I play for a semi pro team in Kentucky I’m trying to get my kick right please help

    53. darryl hubbard

      Been waiting on a video like this since 18’ bro . Congrats bro 🎉 #Swissarmykinfe ⚔️

    54. Francis Allotey Jr.

      Jesus loves you and died for your sins, turn to him.

    55. Eric Norris

      What’s the song at the beginning?

    56. Goodly Rogue

      I love you but that song sounds like you recorded it on a kinect mic ngl

    57. Basketball OverDrive

      Bro u inspire me to work hard and chase my dreams. All love bro♥️

    58. ToastedP_rry


    59. Greg Lialios

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    60. Luke Silguero

      U can tell he’s wearing invisiline

    61. Carch

      Gods plan 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    62. JreddTV

      Honestly if he went to the league he’d be a 1 of a kind player a punter/kicker that can lock up and go play receiver

    63. Milo Robays

      big a$$ Mount Everest on his forehead :)

    64. DJ TanQ

      In spite of all the adversity you have faced you've over came them. I pray that God continue to bless you, especially to get your spot in the NFL.

    65. Khayree

      Bro how tall are you?

    66. hip360hop

      Why does he say bro so much

    67. Aistin Wallace

      Can you fly me out to come Tran with you please

    68. Realux Bunker

      Could have hade Cody parkey train you for the upright hitting

    69. iso_torrean

      4:20 Big Louisville ya heard🤟🏾🖤💯

    70. Mohamad Theeb

      I hope Deestroying makes it to the NFL.

      1. Lemarque Melancon


    71. Jonathan Landovsky

      @deestroying my sister is friends with brandon marshall i have pictures all around my house im shocked to see you and him together its crazy man, its been 2 years that i've seen him i hope u can say hi for me, thank you bro, By Jonathan.

    72. Chill music

      I hope he on the saints💪🏿💯

    73. Kyler Sweet


    74. A Soldierz Genetics

      Keep putting that work in big dawg! You’re a hell of an athlete 💪🙏

    75. gregorio garcia

      congrats 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    76. AbrahamTheKing

      Let’s go man ive literally been watching u since ur first video about how it is as a d1 athlete and loved ur “be likes” man I’ve been watching u for a long time man! Love to see u grow and how much success you’ve overcome! I love u man!🤟🏽

    77. Kana Star

      When u make it im trading for you on my madden franchise lmao

    78. Lil Burr

      The reality is the people that are nfl bound don’t need special treatment or any special gym or need to make any backup decisions on their career. Their disciplined and when they work hard the good stuff just comes along the road.

    79. Gaming With Will

      You should start something up for kids and ppl that play football and call off the streets and onto the field

    80. Best Momentz_


    81. Clipz 1nut

      2:22 sus

    82. pamela angela

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    83. Daniel So fresh

      U should colab wit fredo

    84. Camdyn Greer

      What are those songs in the 🔥vid?

    85. Devin Booker

      Dee really gonna be the taysom hill of kickers

    86. Mike Hunt


    87. Jerry Crosby

      Bro lowkey when is Dee gonna drop that song at 1:23 lmao

    88. Kk Basketball1953

      You got this MY GUY🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    89. ᴊᴀʏᴛᴇᴇ

      Hope u make it in the NFL

    90. Death

      9:53 pause

    91. Angel Martinez

      Bro you got this no cap for all the haters saying he not ganna make it ignore it bro

    92. Dani Roldan

      u should train for wr


      shit just got real. let's go!!!!!

    94. Aaron Burela

      Boy got a boot

    95. Julian Dejesus

      Imagine he gets invited to the Chiefs

    96. BleedBlueNSilver1

      Havent checked in on u in a while but shit u been improvin!

    97. K Dan

      Drop that song bro! You teasingggg

    98. nieooj gotoy

      "You aint gon lock me up, I got too much to lose" lmaooo

      1. Aimee Rollins

        I was looking for this comment💀

    99. Kacy Depenbrock

      Can u come here to North Carolina and watch the highschool here it’s pinecrest there pretty good. Btw I’m 9 yr do kid

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Key word “train” no tryna be a hater but

    100. I JayMoney I

      Everytime i see somebody wit a mask on in the vids its a slight buzzkill